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How to boost your presence at WTM with Facebook Ads 

In News by Gabriel

Did you know that you can promote yourself at every Tourism Fair without being physically there? This strategy works best for facilities that are at least one city block in size, but it’s a lot better than anything else out there.


Another WTM is happening in London and almost everyone in the industry is buzzing about it. I’m pretty sure you’ve already been asked the question— “Are you going to WTM?”


Travel fairs are perfect opportunities to expand your business contacts and network with colleagues and friends. However, you might want to boost your way and get as many results as your efforts of being here.


Let me show you a trick with Facebook advertising that you can use to promote your offer to WTM’s visitors even without being physically present at the event.


I have used this technique for my clients and even for myself—and all I can say is that it can really drive great results. You can also use this method for practically any event that gathers your target demographic.

For more in-depth guide you can check other resources like this one here.

Here’s how.


  1. Log in to your Facebook ad account and create a new campaign. Select the campaign objective and give your campaign a proper name.
  2. Locate the location targeting on top of your screen. This functionality will play a key role in this tutorial


boost your presence at tourism fair


  1. Fill in the address of the event venue that you want to target. In this case, use WTM’s venue in London. It’s crucial to choose the smallest targeting radius around this event and select the option “People recently in this location” from the drop-down menu.
  2. In most cases, the aforementioned steps would be enough, but you still need to exclude some areas from your blue-marked circle—since you only want to target the venue building of the WTM, and not its surrounding streets. Facebook doesn’t support this functionality yet, but you can target a location radius under one mile using the drop pin. The trick is to use it to exclude locations.
  3. Adjust the excluding radius to 1 mile and place it next to the included targeted blue circle. It’s important not to place it too close because you don’t want to cut off WTM’s venue location.




Employing this technique will further reduce your targeted location and exclude locations that we don’t want to target. Your ads won’t show to people in those areas where the blue and red circle intersect.

Just repeat this process as many times as you need.


facebook ads at wtm


Now your ads will only appear to people in the blue area that does not overlap with the red area.

You should only use this technique and schedule your ad to run on the specific dates of your chosen travel fair. In the device targeting section, you can select the option to show your ads on mobile devices only. You may also choose to further optimize your target demographic according to age, language, and interest.

Once you’re done with the steps mentioned above, all you need to do is to create your ad, and that’s pretty much it!


I hope you’ll find this Facebook advertising targeting method useful. Good luck at WTM London!